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Helpful Hints For Choosing the Right Performer
Why Are Our Featured SANTAS The Best In
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The 1st thing you want to decide is if you want a theatrical beard santa claus or
a real beard santa claus ! There are many reasons to go with either decision !
The BEST REAL BEARD SANTA CLAUS is yes, going to cost you a bit more
than a theatrical beard santa but - when it's the right real beard santa - it's worth
the magic it costs. But - if you are more on a budget - a theatrical beard santa
can create the same kind of magic!

With a theatrical bear SANTA CLAUS it's very important to make sure you are
paying for someone theatrically trained who PLAYS THE PART. These kids
are very smart these days! Also - make sure you ARE in fact getting a better rate
than if the santa has a real beard.

With a real beard santa - this can be awesome because even the boys who are
just at that time where they are about to not believe will be amazed to see and
be allowed to touch a real beard - and with ALL santa claus - it's very
important that they play the part - 1. speak with a booming theatrical santa voice
2. know how to answer the children's questions 3. use the experience to help the
children learn ideas and morals 4. give YOU your money's worth 5. know how
to talk to the kids about toys and Christmas 5. do more than just sit there and
take pictures.

As Mrs Claus i have seen with other companies - henpecked husbands and sons
whose wives and moms make them be santa because of the economy who don't
want to be there ,tiny santas 4 feet tall, "employee  santas at the local store who
take a break every 15 minutes with a huge line suffering, santas in upscale
stores who refuse to say HO HO HO, homeless santas and much more ! There
ARE many good Santas - the 4 guys i trust and feature are James,Patrick,Tom
and Lance - please call me for info - 713 266 6438

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