E-mo Pooh and Friends
Our Package is $150 For
The Hour For Mascot
Character Children's
Parties -See Below For
Details on Our 1/2 and 1/2
Program Clown 30 min
Character 30 min
Rainbow  Says - At Our
Entertainment Company For
Houston Children - The
Owners Have Many Years Of
Experience BEING the
Characters In the Field
Entertaining The Birthday
Princes and Princesses. Not
Just A Booking Agent Who
Does Not Own or Wear The
Costume and Charges a
Commission For a Program
They Have No First Hand
Knowledge Of. Please See
Below For Many Details Based
On Our Experience
Valued Clients: Here are some ideas relating to characters for your child ' s birthday party
based on many years of our experience. Our most popular character program is 1 hour and is
$150 which includes a gentle non scary very little make-up clown for the 1st 30 minutes
combined with your favorite character playing with the kids with the appropriate fun music for
the 2nd 30 minutes. The gentle clown is able to do things the character cannot do because of
big mitts on the hands and the big giant mascot head such as paint for the face and/or hands
and balloons,and if you need a variety magic puppet/games show. The program is a little over
an hour as it takes the performer a few minutes to change from the gentle clown to the
character. Don't forget that if a clown - type entertainer just won't work then try the Colorful Fun
Lady - colorful clothes with no funny hair and no make up - but lots of fun. We have received
many compliments on this.

As the character, the performer brings the appropriate music with the characters songs and
many other childrens songs- the performer is able to dance,play,clap with the kids,give hi
five,be funny,take pictures,cut the b-day cake etc, and entertain the kids.

As stated the price for all this is $150 for the hour

If you feel you need 2 performers at the event we can add that at a nominal price.

Also - if you only want the character - ask for our 30 min and 45 min rate for only the character

Here are some ideas which are food for thought - when the character approaches it is good to
have young children in their parents arms looking down at the character. On the TV - Elmo is a
few inches high but at the party he is 5 feet high !

That reminds me - we are primarily women entertainers and you will have an experienced  
entertainer in the costume - we don't choose to send in teenagers-we send in experienced
gentle and energetic performers who have years experience with mascot entertainment unless
we are asked differently.

Just a few more ideas to think about --

As we said above our most popular program for characters is 30 min clown/festive gentle fun
30 min favorite character for $150,and the clown has more than 1 activity available - face and
hand painting,balloon art, magic and game and puppet variety show. If you are having more
than 15 kids then it may take the performer longer to make all the kids a balloon and all the
kids a paint and combine the show etc.. Be aware - an hour with the clown and 30 minutes
with the character is $180 - and frequently you can decide at the party how long you go.
Please call us with any questions  713 266 6438

Valued Client : Here are some more ideas - you may decide you JUST want the character. Our
price for the character for 30 minutes is $95. Our price for the character for 45 minutes is $130.
Sometimes we have to add a nominal fee for driving. Thank you for taking the time to read
about our fun with the kids  713 266 6438
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