"What Clients Are Saying/Testimonial Page" (dedicated to Sammy and Cara)
These comments are very representative of the emails and voice mails and
drawings we get all the time.
Modesty (not much but a little) prevents us from putting all letters here but they
are available on request! We do love our little charges!
713 266 6438
Sammy is one of Rainbow's
friends at chick-fil-A
Clown Variety Shows
713 266 6438
This is our only page which shows how you make
clowns cry ! ;0) You cannot buy these testimonials
Dec 18th, 2009  Debbie, Geeco - i am so glad we booked you thru
gigmasters - the 2 performers - Bubbles and Destiny - the balloon twisters
and facepainters - were wonderful. They did not just give the kids
"anything "- they had pictures and examples and took time to talk to them
and ask them what they want - we want you next year
Nov 29th  2009  Christmas tree lighting -"Sharon - { note from rainbow - that name  is
secret ! I am rainbow } - I never worry with you and your wonderful performers - put us
down for easter ! " Mellisa,manager of an uptown park country club.
7-21-09 - Hello - just wanted to say thank you for
providing a great entertainer for our party at a reasonable
rate... Shelly the clown was perfect and did a great job
with the kids!!! I'll be sure to recommend your group to
any other moms out there who need an entertainer for
their kids' parties - thank you ! shannon m
From Kim Finley - owner of Animal Parties - a 15 year client - 6/23/09 - "we
always get atta boys with you guys - here's a copy"   --- Hello kim - your balloon
and painting performers were very courteous and perfect. There are no words to
explain the happiness and excitement in the children's face and hearts and i
cannot thank you enough - keep up the good work ! sergio s  { ok, we love kim
finley and her animals so rainbow is gonna cry - only for a minute tho "}
MAY - DEC 09, more than one occasion - steve and cathy at
H&H ranch - the premier location for houston events and parties
   " You did exactly as you were requested, we are very happy,
and will request you and your staff many times "
Jan 9th 2010  I hired Twilight the Clown and she was PRECIOUS - she
clowned and kept the kids busy while i did my work painting- that is why
Rainbow and friends are clowns i trust
Michele F at HoustonFacepainting

Rainbow replies:You blow us away on face painting talent and bein' so
pretty too! And --trustworthy too.

{ when competitors say compliments you know they both have to be
very good!!}
Christians mom jan 23 2009 ( To Twilight the Clown ) you were wonderful - my boys
always ask - is the clown coming because they love PIP,SUNSHINE,TWILIGHT and
rainbow the clown and friends - we will always call you !
Sebastians mom jan 16th (Bubbles and red furry friend )  the kids loved
Bubbles and red guy - she worked to warm them up and then they were so
happy - i have many friends needing entertainment - i will let them know !