Suzzala and Rainbow Are Proud To Present - The Best Santa in
Houston And Beyond !! - Santa Gus !! He Is The First Choice As
Santa For Numerous Clients in Houston Texas For 25 Years - Once
You Have Had The Best - Well - The Rest May Not Do
713 266 6438
HO! HO! HO! Friends ! A Letter From Santa ! I Assure
You That You Are On The Good List !! Mrs Claus And
I Have Checked It Twice And Thrice !!

Dear Friends!
The Holidays are fast approaching,it is time to think of cooler
temperatures and the MAGIC of Christmas of which I am an
expert!!. My elves and I are busy in the workshop making all those
toys for the good girls and boys. Time is short and my schedule is
filling rapidly with good people like you. For a personalized visit
from Old Saint Nick then be LIVELY and QUICK!!!!

I am available for

                        Pictures with Santa
                        Storytelling (The Night Before Christmas)
                        Storytelling from the Bible (Optional)
                        Traditional Interview On the Knee
                         (with small gift provided from the client)
                        Party Games
                        Christmas Magic

As you plan for your party - I offer a special service. You are my
elf monitors and helpers for needed info for the kids !!! With this
technique I have had great success in making unbelievers into
true followers of the Christmas Spirit!!!
"Making Unbelievers Into True
Followers Of the Christmas Spirit"
Mrs Clause Explains:When You Book Wonderful Santa G ! - he will
have many questions for you about the kids and their
accomplishments and achievements and more. When Santa uses
this info to entertain the kids in his theatrical way - their self esteem
and imagination will spark and grow !!!! That is -- Christmas !!!! call
for info 713 277 7439
Suzzala and Rainbow say : Santa is a serious subject ! No
Clownin ' around !! We love Gus ! He IS Santa Claus !!
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