The Best Santa in Town !
Santa Tom is Awesome !
Many Activities To Choose From !
Suzzala and Rainbow are very
picky about Santa Claus -
Tom...IS !! Santa ! We Love Him !
Santa T is Unbelievably Wonderful!
He Combines the Rare Authentic
Santa Look With Real Beautiful
Beard - and A Brilliant Theatrical
Presentation - Santa Activities

Presenting Story telling - the Night
before Christmas and the Charley
Brown Christmas Tree which is a
well known story about Christmas
about sharing and giving

He is also an expert at holiday
magic - he does lots of storytelling
of Christmas using illusion , props
and more

Santa Tom also uses music and
movement with christmas bells
and games like follow the leader

This is only a little..the list of
holiday fun goes on.. call...713
266 6438    
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Helpful Hints
For Choosing
the Right
Pricing for
Santa Claus
Is it true? Is his beard real? Well,it IS!
soft,not prickly - Mrs Claus says !
santa claus
houston tom - it
does not get
better than this !
Every Question Answered